Service contracts

So you know what to expect.

I offer you my works by service contract. This has three advantages for you:

  • After understanding your goals, I will prepare a cost estimate.
  • The remuneration shall become due after the completion of services.
  • You receive the legal warranty claim for fault-free performance.

We agree on one of the following options for remuneration:

Variant 1: Fixed package price

I offer clearly defined services at a fixed price.

Variant 2: Payments on account, according to progress

In the case of more complex projects, I will prepare a cost estimate in advance (estimate using cost drivers). The remuneration is paid in installments on the actual time spent. I will inform you in case of foreseeable additional or reduced expenses.

For details

please refer to my GTC.

Please feel free to contact me!

I usually process mails within 24 hours.