Expert activities

Troubleshooting, Task Forces, Architecture Checks, Performance Analyses, Expert Opinion

With 35 years of field experience, I am able to uncover deep-seated problems and present tested solutions on demand.

Here are some examples:


Frequency, range and depth for individual problems increase accordingly with rising application complexity. In hierarchical company structures, simple bugs often escalate into the upper management, although the manager cannot technically contribute much to the solution. With each escalation level, competency and responsibility for the solution diverge further.

With meaningful analysis documents I help your management to assess problems correctly and to make effective decisions.


Some problems are quicker solved with the combined power of multiple brains. The difficulty of this approach is not to be distracted by all the details and seemingly contradictory interim results.

I work together with your departments, focus your specialists on specific hypotheses, summarize interim results and gather proof on the relevant findings.

Architecture checks and performance analyses

You feel, that your IT application should be improved in some way. Would you like to know, why, where and how? Let me take a look under the bonnet and create a catalogue with recommendations for action.

Expert opinion reports

I investigate and explain facts that are causally related to the problem. The result comes in scientific format and can be presented as evidence.