Development, implementation, deployment

You want to introduce or change a software, but the dependencies on your other IT products put you in the “place that sends you mad”? As an outsider I can mediate well here.


The problem comes from the interfaces between your applications. Don’t search the missing puzzle piece, I’ll just build a new one for you. I can trust on 35 years of programming experience with 30 programming languages.

I will also be happy to coordinate your existing development teams using Kanban or waterfall methods.


A project is resignation before the “process”. Many organisations have changed their culture to “processes”, which means that they can quickly and accurately repeat certain activities. Sounds well, but only at first glance does such a machine work economically. The hidden problem is the exodus of creative minds, which makes the company loose the ability to set up comprehensive systems. Trivial tasks can only be solved by expensive projects.

I will coordinate a project team from your staff in such way, that the agreed services are available on time. I have already managed several major projects (more than 1,000 person days).

Product employment

You want to use new technology without having to deal with initial findings? problem, I’ll handle it for you. You will receive the completed manual.