Planning and Design

Studies, concepts, construction plans

Your ideas are your advantage. However, for the ideas to become reality and not to fall victim of chance, precise planning is required. I prepare the necessary studies, concepts and construction plans for you.


  1. I analyse and understand your way of working and your operational IT environment. (actual state)
  2. I record your plans and goals (target state).
  3. I describe possible transformations of your scenario from “actual” to “target” state.


Often, there are alternative solutions in terms of costs and deadlines. I work out the characteristics of each variant, so that you can make your decisions on a solid basis.


I help you defining the optimal target state. Due to my experience with companies of all sizes, I can fall back on a wealth of “best practices” with proven products.


I create precise architectural and process diagrams for the planning, communication and documentation of your scenarios.