Archive of public works

On this page I present some books and tutorials about Linux/networks, which I wrote a long time ago.

I also produced some scientific papers for clients, but cannot publish them here for non-disclosure reasons.

“DNS & BIND” textbook

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You can order the book from Amazon or download it here for free.


The following tutorials are still referenced from other websites like Wikipedia, so I provide them here:

ThemaFirst publicationLast modificationLinks
Debian/Apache HOWTO2005-12-042007-03-07HTML   PDF
Johannes’ BIND page2002-08-182006-08-12HTML   PDF
flypaper daemon2006-10-082008-06-29HTML   PDF
Einführung in LAMP2009-09-192009-09-30HTML   PDF
Linux training, Part 12007-03-102009-10-01HTML   PDF
Linux training, Part 22009-09-102009-09-19HTML   PDF
Linux training, Part 32009-09-192009-09-19HTML   PDF
lsof2003-04-252006-01-05HTML   PDF
Introduction to making Makefiles2002-08-182007-04-22HTML   PDF
Johannes’ mirroring-page2003-03-172006-01-06HTML   PDF
netcat2002-08-202006-08-12HTML   PDF
Time synchronization in internets2002-08-182012-12-27HTML   PDF
Version control with RCS2002-08-182006-01-06HTML   PDF
Johannes’ squid page2002-08-182006-01-07HTML   PDF
Introduction to OpenSSH2002-10-102006-03-03HTML   PDF
SSH-tunnelling2002-10-102006-01-08HTML   PDF
Breaking Firewalls with OpenSSH2002-10-102006-01-08HTML   PDF
TCP/IP, Part 12002-09-012009-09-22HTML   PDF
TCP/IP, Part 22002-09-022009-09-10HTML   PDF
vi-Training2009-09-192009-09-19HTML   PDF